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About Skin Academy

The Skin Academy is a leading international and interdisciplinary dermatology initiative driven by an independent team of clinical experts.

The Skin Academy was created to help transfer the latest scientific knowledge in dermatology to those dealing with skin diseases. Through its activities, the Skin Academy seeks to educate and share experiences that support best clinical practice and improve patient quality of life.

The Skin Academy places an emphasis on up-to-date, quality-assured, evidence-based information. By providing this information in a centralised tool, reflects current expertise and high standards of excellence. The Skin Academy aims to empower both the public and healthcare professionals improving and enhancing general awareness and understanding of skin diseases to encourage best possible treatment outcomes, and promote an improved quality of life for affected patients.

The Skin Academy works to support other leading forums, societies and associations in the field of dermatology.

Our Experts

The Skin Academy, its management and outputs, are the result of a unique collaboration of expert physicians involved in clinical research and the management of dermatological diseases such as skin cancers, hair disorders and inflammatory skin diseases.

Currently, the Skin Academy is driven by the following expert board: