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Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Inflammatory skin disease is a broad classification of diseases predominantly characterised by irritation and inflammation.

The intensity of presenting symptoms across the spectrum of these diseases can vary from mild itching to more serious, persistent, uncomfortable, and sometimes disfiguring conditions that can be deeply distressing for the affected individual. Individuals of all ages and racial origin can be affected.

The Skin Academy is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and their patients with the most up-to-date and effective resources to assist in the assessment and treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.
Currently, the website concentrates on the two most prevalent and troublesome inflammatory skin diseases – psoriasis and eczema, causing affected individuals to visit their General Practitioner or dermatology outpatient clinics.

With further expert input the focus of this section will be expanded to cover other specific diseases and will cross reference to other useful, quality-assured, and professionally endorsed dermatology reference sources.